Lisa Williams ~ Certified Doula & Childbirth Educator   

Serving Moscow, Idaho and Pullman, Washington

The presence of a doula can be beneficial no matter what type of birth you are planning. Studies show that women require fewer interventions when they have a doula.

For women who are planning a medicated birth, a doula provides emotional and informational support and comfort measures to help you through early labor and the administration of medications. Doulas can work alongside medication by helping you deal with possible side effects and filling medication gaps; rarely does medication take all discomfort away.

In addition to supporting you through the labor and birth process a doula also guides you through pregnancy and the postpartum period by providing you with information and support on diet, exercise, common discomforts, breastfeeding and normal newborn behavior.

Finally, a doula establishes a trusting and comfortable relationship with you during pregnancy in order to provide loving and sensitive support in labor.