"Lisa Williams was our "virtual doula" because we live in Virginia, quite a ways away. However, she came highly recommended. We would have hired her to be our hands-on doula in a New York minute, if we lived closer to her. Nonetheless, it was a great decision to utilize her real-time, educational services in the area of pregnancy, childbirth, post partum and beyond.

Lisa is an excellent teacher and doula. She is very informative, organized, confident, and compassionate throughout the childbirth process. My husband also enjoyed working with Lisa. She fosters a nurturing environment for both the birthing mother and her partner, which lends to a positive birthing experience overall.

I strongly encourage anyone seeking a doula to contact Lisa Williams. It will be the best decision you make."
Rob and Carolynn Kingyens

"Getting a doula was the best decision I made during my pregnancy...Lisa was invaluable during the hours I labored at home and in the hospital." Laura A.--New Mom

"I feel she uses her skills very well in supporting the laboring mother."  Cathy W.--Midwife

 "Lisa was warm, engaging, yet respectful of personal boundries at all times. She has an intuitive knack for knowing when to employ her skills..."  Kim K.--Mother of three

"Lisa seems to have the ability to "rise to the occaision", she was very helpful at this twin birth." Cathy W.--Midwife

"Lisa is a very caring doula who trusts the birth process." Nancy D.--Midwife